Monday, September 19, 2016

Well, crap, I was talking about this YEARS ago.

TMR is running the most amazing series talking about some current science around vaccines and autism.  Three of them are out.  Go read them.

Part 1.
Part 2
Part 3

Now, lets review. 

I had bronchitis at roughly 8 months pregnant and went on antibiotics.  I've always assumed that prenatal exposure to antibiotics contributed to Dominic's environmental load and helped fill the gun.  I think i was wrong. I think it was my cytokine storm from the actual bronchitis that contributed. 

Stay with me here.

The regression event for Dominic was influenza.  Before the flu, he was speaking in sentences.  After the flu, over the course of about 2 weeks all his verbals faded.  The influenza would have triggered a cytokine storm just like a vaccine would have.


Okay.  So what else triggers cytokine storms?  Does mold?  Do physical injuries? Do parasitic infections? does heavy metal toxicity?   Does anything that causes a fever??   That family history of autoimmune illness - well those autoimmune diseases also trigger cytokine storms, but against the body not against the intruder - right??

what if the cytokine storm - from illness, vaccine, autoimmune issue, mold.... is THE piece.  What if we take all those environmental things we know contribute and back them up to the response they created in the body - is that response an oversurge of IL-6?  And if so - we have an across the board causation, EVEN for those babies who were "born with it" if their mother had an IL-6 cytokine storm during pregnancy. 

Alternatively - what if the IL-6 surge causes enough damage the the body can't fight off / detox  Mold, parasites, heavy metals, viruses and bacteria and thats why when we treat toxicity of those forms kids with autism get better?  It it going to be a balancing act between fucntionality and avoiding exposure to environmental triggers? 

As far back as 2011 I was talking about cytokines with the DAN's office and getting nowhere.   And Dr Bradstreet was talking about it at Autism one that year too...

I have no idea what this means as far as healing goes, but to have causation becoming clearer is AMAZING to me.  And look - its NOT an autism gene. Its an autism cytokine. 

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