Saturday, December 24, 2016

ooooh, this may be HUGE...

Those of you on my facebook already have seen a version this, but I need to document here and tell you the followons....

Chiropractic care has, for years, been hugely important for Dominics recovery. Due to circumstances beyond my control we had to find a new chiropractor this summer, with a very different style than anyone we have ever seen. He is very good with Dominic. So we all three got adjusted on Tuesday and then went out to Dinner.   While we were at dinner - so within an hour, Dominic had developed a distinct full body tic.  Wednesday I took this video, and you can see the tic was happening multiple times per minute.

 I pinged my chiropractor on Wednesday with the video and confirmed that the adjustment had realigned  a badly out of alignment atlas.  (The Atlas is actually part of the brain stem.  Very powerful adjustment)

Wednesday night, our OT Jonny was over to work with Dominic and was quite intrigued by the tic.  He did some experimenting with vestibular input and  the tic increased in frequency.  This led him to theorize that the tic was actually a resetting of his vestibular system because when given vestibular input the frequency increased greatly. So we guessed that the atlas adjustment put things in alignment and the neurological  pathways started firing again. I talked to our Chiropractor and a Chiropractor / MAPS candidate that I really like for her perspective on that and both felt like that was plausible and told me to watch and wait.  The tic frequency diminished over the last few days and today neither daddy  nor I have seen a single tic. 

So... some things have shifted and I want to document them.

1.  Daddy took this video this afternoon and sent it to me.  I was like "what am i watching"... to which he said - "he is behaving like a totally normal 11 year old, engrossed in his movie."

2.  Dominic has been VERY sensory avoiding for many months.  Light touches on his skin / back, etc had him loudly saying OW.   Tonight Rod was able to lightly touch his back on 3 separate occasions with zero reaction.  WHAT?

3.   It was unseasonably warm today and Dominic spent a solid 4 hours outside playing independently. He was squirting a water gun (something i've never seen him do with prompting much less spontaneously), helping with a construction project Daddy was doing outside (he carried the wood in when asked), and generally having a wonderful time.

We have had NO protocol changes since we added Get Smart right before Thanksgiving.... This is all from the atlas adjustment on Tuesday. Chiropractic is so powerful.

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