Sunday, December 25, 2016

Funny story from last week

I am so behind that I'm posting things on facebook to remind myself I need to blog about them... this is from December 20, so about December 19, which is BEFORE the chiro appointment I told you about yesterday...

Funny story I need to blog, but instead am jotting here to blog later...
Regular routine is that Mommy or Daddy make Dominic's lunch and put in the fridge the night before. In the morning, Dominic gets out his lunch bag, puts the tupperwares in it and selects a few snacks, which Mom/Dad then appropriately prep (peel the carrot, slice the apple, etc). He also gets the dog bowls, cans of dog food, has me open them (doesn't have the fine motor strength to pop the cans just yet), and he puts them in the dog bowls, and bowls on the floor.
Last night, due to normal chaos, neither Rodney nor I managed to get Dominic's school lunch for today prepared. Not a big deal, doesn't take long, we figured we'd do it this morning. I was upstairs first, and immediately started on Dominic's breakfast (always "3 eggs, mush, raisins" which means 3 hard fried eggs, and a bowl of oatmeal with raisins in it).
Dominic came up, started to get his lunchbag out to put things in and I told him to hold on, that Daddy or I would make it in a moment. he looked at me, went to the cubbard, got out a tupperware, and said Mommy, Rice. I was paying attention to the eggs, so just kind of said Sure, whatever. next thing I know he's putting rice, thai peanut chicken into one tupperware, applesauce into another and getting out a carrot, saying "cut it". I had him get the knife, and the cutting board and we did hand over hand to cut the carrot, but he was apprehensive on cutting the apple so i did that one (finally something dangerous he's actually appropriately apprehensive about. he still wants to play with fire). then he packed it all up and got started on the dog's breakfast

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