Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Mind. Blown.

So we've had a very low key school break thusfar.  Dominic has basically been independently amusing himself, whether via electronics, or playing with his legos or outside.  I have not done any of our OT exercises this week (i know, i know, but bear with me, at this rate we're going to need a whole new set soon) and have put minimal demands on him for working on his stuff.

If you haven't read the post I put out last week about the major shift we had post chiropractic adjustment, you need to before you read this.

Miss Ashley, Dominic's OT who moved away in May sent Dominic a very sweet present for Christmas - a lego set.  I've asked Dominic a solid 5 times if he wants to set it up, and every time he Said NO, took it out of my hands and put it on the shelf.

Jonny came for OT tonight.  Dominic got the lego's out and started working on them when Jonny arrived. (WHAT???)
Dominic got the scissors from on top of the fridge and PROPERLY and SAFELY cut open the plastic bags of parts and then proceeded ot DO THE WHOLE THING INDEPENDENTLY.  In fact, Jonny and I messed him up when we tried to help.  (this is a first. He's never done a whole lego independently. He also read us each step he was on).

Look at this focus.  This child sat for 45 minutes and focused like this.

Here's the tail end, when he finished.  So amazed.

Then, because its clear the atlas adjustment last week really was a HUGE reset button (though I know for a fact it certainly wasn't the first time he had an atlas adjustment, so I don't know  what was different), Jonny retested the last primitive reflex we're working on. Its not integrated, but its ENTIRELY different from the last time he checked (within 2 weeks) in how it presented.

right now I'm leaning towards not mentioning this whole huge shift to school... and seeing what they say.  He doesn't start back until January 5 so I have some time to decide.

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