Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 - Out with a bang - of hope

If I've learned anything over the last 8 years working to recovery Dominic, its that I should never get too excited, too invested because MOST things aren't going to help, and the ones that do, mostly aren't amazing.

The Ioncleanse by AMD is an exception.

And apparently magic Chiropractic resets are also an exception.  That said - Dominic's had chiropractic care from 3 very good doctors in the last 6 years, regularly, and I cannot explain what was different about this last adjustment. We'll be seeing him again on Tuesday and I'm going to see if there's something he thinks that might have been different.  So stars aligned, energy was right, the universe said its time. I have no idea.

Two amazing shifts to share with you...

First - Child of mine with such bad fine motor skills that school wanted to stop even trying to work on handwriting a few years ago... eating with chopsticks tonight.  Spontaneously (I had gotten a fork for him.. he did this)

And second... bedtime.  for 11 years 10 months and 3 weeks, we have tucked Dominic in.  A few nights ago, he started doing it himself. With no fanfare.   Check it out:

An other thing that this journey has taught me is to celebrate the inchstones, because we don't get milestones.  So tonight, we celebrate and we are hopeful.   We went for a sushi dinner (hence the chopsticks) and as we walked in, the server greeted us with "Hey Guys", to which Dominic responded in kind "HEY GUYS" very loudly.  First time I've heard him use that phrase and it was so cute to hear it so loud.   We are grateful and we have hope.   Here's to more healing and learning, and growing and gains in 2017

And, for balance and levity, here's Dominic hiding the dogs toy under our bed. They are not amused.


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