Sunday, January 15, 2017


Its been a very weird week.

Monday/Tuesday we had a 27 hour power outage.  The outage was the result of Chinook winds which brought along with the 100+ mph winds,  high temps in the 50's and 60's.   It was bad enough that the state patrol ordered the schools in the county to not do afternoon bus service and tons of damage around town.  We made the decision to stay home and ride it out instead of going elsewhere and Dominic did amazing. I'm shocked at how my routine oriented kid just rolled with dark, cold, and no shower (he had a sink bath instead).  

Tuesday afternoon was a very hard Speech Therapy session, but Thursday's ST was amazing. Never quite know how he's going ot do in therapy.

Then last night, Daddy and Mommy went on a date (dinner and a hockey game), so Mr Jonny, our OT hung out with Dominic for a few hours.  here's a sampling of the texts I got about the evening

We did a lot of ADL type stuff, multi step directions, and overall engagement was spectacular to say the least" (ADL = activities of daily living)

He used the microwave and tested the temperature of his food and then warmed it up more

Its really cool to see this side of him and have him not see me as a dictator. 

I think its really valuable to have the folks giving Dominic therapy interact with him outside of a therapeutic setting.  So I'm pleased, even tho CC lost the hockey game.... 

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