Saturday, January 7, 2017

Cooking show

Anyone who knows me well knows that my choice of TV when I'm by myself (and often when i'm not) is the Food Network. I like to cook, i like to get ideas, I enjoy seeing whats out there.  And its relatively mindless, and very positive.

So last night, I'm hanging out in bed watching Diners, Drive ins, and Dives while Dominic took his shower as I have done every night since he switched from baths to showers over a year ago.   Dominic got himself bathed, dressed and brushed and came over to me presumably to say goodnight. Instead he announced "Cooking Show!!!" with such excitement that I told him to hop in and watch with me.

And he did.

For an Hour!!!

My kid hung out with me watching a cooking show for a solid hour, during which he provided a running commentary on what he was seeing "Eggs!  Hamburger!! Cheeeeeeeze" and so forth.  If you saw my facebook status last night, you've already seen this video...

This is what he did - cuddled with the dogs, under a blanket, he just hung out and enjoyed himself...

Then we got goofy. Because thats what we do.  And who let his feet get almost as big as mine?????? 

I cannot remember being so relaxed and happy just hanging out with him EVER. He stayed a little while after Daddy came down and joined us and then put himself to bed. 

This recovering thing.. its really amazing.  I am totally blown away.

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