Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Takes from home based therapy - word search

So tonight, after a rousing game of Hungry Hungry Hippo (Thank you Sherri!!), during which Dominic was very confused as to the point (can't really blame him...its sort of a bizarre game)... Jonny attempted to get him to do a word search.  This was the FIRST time ever that Dominic even allowed it..

Jonny showed him what to do by circling 2 words in black, adn then Dominic figured it out and found the ones in RED in 3-4 minutes

For real - wow.   The cognition gains are coming in LEAPS and bounds.  I'm basically slackjawed.  I was telling my BFF tonight that it was our turn for a breakthrough. We've had gains on many protocols, but this last few weeks, whether it was the particular combo of supplements he's on plus the adjustment, or solar flares, or what - its the first major breakthrough we've had in the 9 years we've been treating Dominic.  It was our turn. 

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