Sunday, January 22, 2017

That was cool!

Last night we went to the annual Yule gathering with our friends (yes, we know its a month late, we like it that way).  We've attended this party for easily 20 years and the group of people who are there are very much family.

This is also a dog party.  We only took one because... well, just because. At any rate, there were probably as many 4 leggeds as there were 2 leggeds there last night and a fabulous time was had by all.  Dominic LOVES dogs of all varieties and was in his element playing with them.

The cool moment came as we were getting ready to leave.  Dominic was in his coat, headed out the door when he got obviously distressed.  I heard him saying "come on come one" and at first thought it was because he wanted to leave.  Then he clapped loudly and intently and in trotted a dog who had managed to get out the door.


He recognized a problem, he asked for help and when help didn't come because we didn't understand him, he got the dog back inside himself.

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