Monday, January 30, 2017

Tales from home based therapy - new exercises

Jonny has been working hard with Dominic developing a new home exercise plan for us to focus on since we got the other one mastered ages ago...

today was day 1 of doing it.  We are focusing on visual processing speed, core strength and body/spatial awareness.  We're also sneakily trying to increase his arm strength.

So first up are some vision exercises.
This is one of 3 vision exercises we do, and the only one i was able to film while supervising.  The idea here is by going from upper left to lower right we increase his visual processing speed crossing brain hemispheres. 

Then we do situps and pushups.  Pushups are very hard for him (weak upper body), so we do them on our knees and with him so he mimics. Situps are easier to get video of:

We are still working on lizards for reflex integration, tho on days we can ride the bike or go rock climbing, he can skip them. (yes, we are going to be taking him to the rock climbing gym in town as part of his therapy soon)

It was almost comical, as Jonny was finishing telling us about the exercises last night he said that he was going to bring us some "Yogorilla" cards for Dominic to mirror the picture of and get some body awareness via yoga. Rod, being a yoga teacher, had better ones already here.  And to Jonny's extreme Suprise Dominic did great with them last night.

Here he is today, slaying the yoga poses I asked him to do:

And I had him finish with child's pose....

The plan here is that we will do all these exercises a couple of times (i committed to 2) a day until mastery. 

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