Saturday, February 11, 2017


Today is Dominic's twelfth birthday - in many ways it feels like just yesterday we brought a sweet baby home, and in other ways it feels like we have lived three lifetimes in the last 12 years.

Dominic came into our bed about 6:30 to snuggle and as is our family tradition, we opened presents in bed:





We were so happy that his therapist Jonny and Jonny's other half, Hanna, joined us at Red Robin for lunch and then the zoo.  It was a fabulous day :)

Dominic likes to do "cheers" even more when it's freckled lemonade 


Mugging for the camera 

Hey man, got any lettuce??


Fun with Jonny


What was hilarious here is that he actually was yelling 


Fascinated by the wolf pelt...

This video totally caught his attention 



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