Sunday, February 19, 2017

Cooking - and legos

All of you guys know that I believe we've peeled back enough layers of Toxicity (thank you IonCleanse by AMD) that we are finally healing Dominic's viral brain injury.   If you pay close attention you also know that I figured out that the chiropractic miracle over Christmas was a combination of the right nutrition being in his system at the moment that his atlas was adjusted and his body could use it.  This product is a FINISHER, guys, we used it years ago with zero results and it was very hopeful thinking that I started it back up at Thanksgiving.  His body was just primed to be able to actually use it this time.

I increased his dose a week or so ago from 2 pills a day to 3.  
Thursday evening, we were getting his dinner - and therefore Friday's lunch - together, when he looked at me and said "mommy, Jelly".  He was asking for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for his lunch. Okay.  So i helped him make it for himself.  Then he asked for a cucumber.  I decided on a whim to have him help me peel it.  No he did not cut himself, it just looks like he almost did.

I sent that video to our OT, Jonny, who was so impressed by it that he suggested we make today's session about cooking. I asked Dominic if he'd rather make egg cups or corn dogs.  He picked corn dogs. 

Then Saturday night, I had made him a plate and I told him to go heat it in the microwave for one minute.  The next thing I knew, he was saying "Mommy, its not working".  Turns out the fuse had blown.   But - the right tense of the verb???  Knowing something was wrong??? Telling me???  Wow.

Anyway.  Today was corn dog OT day. It was also lego day.  Both of these things he did amazing at, but what was BIGGER than that - was that he went back and forth between activities with zero prompting to refocus.



And then he went and stood in the footbath bin, so he's having a footbath right now.

Color me amazed!!

And for the record - we are working on skills for independence.  So he cracked the eggs himself, mixed the cornbread batter himself... we did do hand over hand cutting the hot dogs and he did all the rest himself including putting on the "mittens" for safety.


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