Thursday, February 23, 2017

Yay for being able to tell me whats wrong...

We had a little drama this afternoon.

Dominic's usual routine is to come home from school on the SPED bus, come inside, set his backpack down, attach his ID lanyard to the backpack, and take his lunchbox the the kitchen.

Today, he came home at the same time as our curren roommate, Tim.  And the bus drove off as he was getting to the door since Tim was out there.  The next thing I knew he was very Agitatedly saying "Mommy, Backpack, backpack" and  was nearly in tears.  He'd forgotton it on the bus.  I called transportation, and his driver came back with it after her run.

So - She told me he forgot it because he was so busy high five-ing all his friends and that she wanted to tell me how much better he has been talking... She is working hard on getting him to independently say "Bye, Miss Mo"

It makes our lives so much easier now that he can tell us whats wrong instead of just screaming, crying and pointing.

Progress people :)

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