Friday, May 26, 2017

Announcement!! Exciting News!!

I know I owe everyone a catch up post, and that will come soon I hope - I just need to catch my breath!

I didn't want to let any more time go before I shared with you all something very exciting, and totally brought to me by the universe.

Everyone knows that Cannabis, specifically CBD, is an amazing anti-inflammatory, and can be useful for calming down the overexcited microglia in our kids' brains, right?   Cannabis has lots of mind blowing stories, from pain management to seizure modulation to managing behaviors in our kids and promoting speech.  All you have  to do is google to read those stories.

I very accidentally, while sitting at a table to be pampered this weekend at AutismOne, was introduced to a new product.   Now - I generally really avoid people who sell MLM's without telling everyone up front that its an MLM.  This is your up front warning.  This particular product is an MLM that is PRE LAUNCH.  (One of the big rules about MLM's is that the earlier you learn about them and join up, the bigger the chance you'll actually manage to either break even or make some money.)

Second disclaimer - if this product was not prelaunch, I would not be telling you about it. I would, instead, do what I did with VNI and IonCleanse and a host of other products - tried it, blogged it, and then told you what it was. I want to let my Autism Mama community have the chance to get in on this before it launches (And Launch is June 10 - right around the corner), so I'm prefacing this with - I don't know how its going to work for Dominic. I know that my husband, who has chronic pain from a car accident, used it and told me that he felt a 20ish% reduction in lower lumbar pain within half an hour just with the first dose.  The recommendation is to slow ramp up, stay at max and then taper off for maintenance.    I have a lot of hope for this product in reducing inflammation given that feedback from just one dose. 

So . Why is it claiming to be any better than the bajillion other CBD products out there?

1. Its Nanosized to cross the blood brain barrier.  So you can start absorbing it as soon as it hits the mucus membranes in the mouth.  No digestion required!
2.  Its mounted in a liposomal formula made from phosphaditylcholine.  (Hey, wasn't that one of the ingredients in the Apraxia protocol that Dominic did so well on?  Oh YEAH it was),  The liposomal covering makes it safe from stomach acid so it can get past the stomach into the colon. 
3.  Because of those 2 features, its 100% bioavailable. (I heard a doc today at Autism One say that the CBD products currently on the market are rarely more than 30% bioavailable)
4.  The CBD is organic, grown in Europe ( Even organic crops in the US are all hitting hot for glyphosate at this point and its also in vaccines which is the downside to buying ANY concentrated product made from US cannabis plants)

I will be doing regular blogs about it, and if you sign up under me, you will be added to a facebook group to talk about how things are going for our kids, where we can troubleshoot and figure out how this is going to work for us!

Go here to read more.  I would discourage you from buying retail, because its significantly cheaper to be signed up (as it always is with MLM's).

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