Sunday, May 28, 2017

Autism 1 roundup

I joke that Autism One is the annual family reunion.  Its actually not that far off.  When you go through such a transformative experience as watching your child regress before your eyes, its the ones who have seen the same that you gravitate towards.  This is my post of a few of my favorite folks from Autism One this year. I didn't do a ton of pictures... so if I missed you I'm so sorry, and I'll catch you next year.

With Karen Kain, the amazing mama warrior and author of "A Unique Life Fully Lived".  Karen's an amazing woman and I'm so blessed she's my friend.  We went to dinner Monday evening before the conference started and I gave her a tour of Garden of the Gods.

Tami Duncan is a healer, intuitive, and one of my mentors. I've just finished her class called the Autism Tranaformation Project and I was ecstatic to spend most of Wednesday and Thursday with her this week.  We did some awesome energy work at Garden of the Gods and blessed all the names on the Vaxxed bus.  I got alot out of her class and wholeheartedly recommend it.

Marcella Piper-Terry runs VaxTruth and is a powerhouse. This was my first chance to meet her in person, I've been helping her with footbaths remotely, so I was ecstatic to get the opportunity to visit for a bit.

So this is my friend Tiffany, and my new friend Sharyn Wynters who is the sponsor of my sponsor for my new venture that I told ya'll about yesterday.  I was totally starstruck.

And this is my sponsor, Lori, of MomStreetJournal.  Again with the starstruck.

Here's the funny with this.  I've seen Andy Wakefield at conferences for YEARS.  Anyone else, I just ask for a picture.  Andy tho, It took me 5 years to ask for one. He's rather amazing.

since the conference was local this year, Rod was able to join me, and this is us with Del Bigtree. I told you all about him a year ago here and the joke is that now I have to get an annual Del picture.

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