Sunday, August 6, 2017

Water week!!

Every week they have themes at the YMCA day camp that we have Dominic at.  This week's theme was WATER

Fortunately for him, he just the end of the week before passed his green band swim test which means he could go anywhere in the pool (he swam a lap without touching, and treaded water for 60 seconds). So he got to really have fun this past week.

The counselor who works most with him sometimes sends me pictures... and I love it when she does because I get good ones like these:

this cracked me up. I want to know if they had the entire 60+ kids washing cars...  look at the focus on his face

This is the one that made me wince and ask for time to stop. He looks like a teenager.  Had he not passed his green band swim test (hence the green necklace you see), he wouldn't have been allowed to do this. How much fun!!

And just for the cute factor - here he is NOT french kissing the dog.  Its taken FOREVER to teach him to close his mouth when Kumar kisses him.

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