Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Best dentist visit ever !!

We have been seeing Dr Callahan for Dominic's whole life.  Our first dental visit was actually pre-regression, so Dr C has been around for the whole rollercoaster ride.

Today, Dominic had his first cleaning since we added braces to the mix.

The hygienist was so impressed at the fact that I didn't have to leave my chair to get his hands out of the way; hold his mouth open; cue him THE ENTIRE VISIT, that she was nearly in tears.  See my view????

Then, the doctor himself was blown away by the fact that the orthodontia is working.  He had insisted we were going to have to pull adult teeth because Dominic has such a small mouth.  Nope.  We've made room and we've done it without a palate expander / head gear / surgery.  WIN!

This is hands down the best dental visit Dominic has had in his entire life. We are all agog!

Then we dropped Dominic off at camp (its his last week), and popped over to meet his new SPED teacher.  Because of all the progress he's made this summer, we were planning on asking her to call the IEP meeting for earlier rather than later.  We were pleasantly suprised that she agreed wholeheartedly and we'll end up doing it after she has a few weeks to get familiar with him. We are thrilled that she's going to be doing a significant amount of life skills work with him this year - she mentioned cooking, shopping, and the like.   He will get PE daily, as well, and this year he will get to dress out, so he will have a gym bag as well as a backpack to carry.

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