Thursday, August 10, 2017

7th grade, here we come!!

Today, I went over to the middle school and registered Dominic for 7th grade.  while I was there, I had a minor melt down and nearly made the "attendent" behind the health area cry because I yelled at her for bullying parents with this sign:

Here's how it went down
Me - "You realize you're lying to parents and bullying them, with that sign, right"
Me, Louder so the people behind me can hear - "State law in Colorado says you can and will accept signed religious,philosophical, and medical exemptions"
Her, trying to hush me  - we do accept exemptions
Me - then you need to change your flier to include "OR approved exemption"
Her -  the nurse made these
Me - Guess I'll be calling her.

then I followed up by speaking with the admin who we've known from Dominic's entrance to Kindergarten because she also moved to the middle school who told me it was likely a district thing and to email the principal.  Guess who I'm emailing today....

Update: after I drafted an email and sent it to the principal, I did a little bit further digging in the state law. State law in Colorado actually says that on all paperwork regarding immunizations the school is legally required to advise parents of their exemption rights. So I printed that off, drove myself back to the school and handed it to the principal. I advised him that my expectation was they would be emailing every parent of every child in the school to clarify their vaccine policy. I also ensured that they removed all copies of the flyer that did not follow the law. I told the principal in person that if this was a district directed flyer, to give me the name of the person at the district to take it up with and I will happily do so.

After I registered Dominic, I popped in to say hello to his teacher and happened upon the speech therapist that we've had in and out of his school career for all of it... She's happily back with us. I yapped with her for a solid hour.

When I showed her the Laundry video from a little while ago, as an example of how much progress Dominic has made this year, she literally wept while repeating "he is answering questions, he is answering questions" with her hands over her mouth.  Absolutely blew her away. I told her, and i know she gets it because we've know her for 7 years, that for the first time in a long time, I'm allowing myself to have a glimmer of hope...

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