Sunday, August 13, 2017


We went to a wedding as a family last night.

Let that statement settle in.


this is something that even a year ago we would not have even attempted to bring Dominic along for.  The wedding was for our friends Katie and Audree and i knew that they would be absolutely cool if there were any .... issues.   We also planned to leave pretty early - it started at 7:30pm which is actually heading into bedtime for Dominic so we figured he'd crash and burn pretty early.

Not only were there not any issues, it was 10 before we left.

We went to dinner at a fun little irish tavern on our way.

Dinner time selfie

Dipping BBQ wings into Curry sauce.  I don't get it either, but lets call it a Palate Expanding WIN.

Beautiful Brides

It was after the wedding itself, however, that we got to the part that was truely astonishing. I knew that Dominic was bored during cocktail hour, and so I was over the moon ecstatic when he spent nearly the entire reception dancing, playing chase, and generally having a wonderful time. 

Dominic and Amelia (Melly)

He's like  SMILE and She's like "Dude, stop"

This morning - all he could talk about was the cake. 

the changes we've been seeing are absolutely amazing. Every person at the wedding last night who has known us for a while had their socks knocked off at the undeniable progress. 

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