Friday, October 6, 2017

Hello spontaneous task initiation!

The way I look at Dominic is that its my job to create a functional, independent human being.  Most days I honestly wonder if I'll be able to do that - between safety issues, communication issues and a seemingly never ending repetition of the basics, most days I try not to think about his future. I stay firmly in now.

Backstory #1:  These ducks... while Its Dominic's job to let them out and put them to bed... I haven't been able to get him to give them feed/brewers yeast (ducks have a high niacin requirement, go figure), so I do that.

Backstory #2: I do very few processed foods in this house and Dominic eats gluten free oatmeal every morning, usually with honey and raisins.  He's pretty rigid about this and after getting the cutest little oatmeals in cups from the Autism Hope Alliance at conferences, i decided to order something similar from amazon in an effort to expand his palate.  You pour boiling water over them and let them sit for a bit.  I do this every morning, along with 3 fried eggs, for his breakfast

I am moving slower than usual today because I'm not feeling good and by the time I got outside, Dominic said to me "Mommy, Ducks, Breakfast" and pointed.  He'd gotten them food and given them their brewers yeast on top.  It wasn't quite enough so I had him add some more.
No. Big. Deal.


Then we come inside and for the first time, Dominic picks out his preferred flavor of oatmeal.  I set it on the counter, next to the kettle thats almost hot, and go to the bathroom.   I come out and Dominic's already added water to his oatmeal.

(again... ?!?!?!?!)

We've got some serious initiative and independent activity happening in the ADL (activities for daily living) world...  And I attribute that to the combination of the IonCleanse by AMD footbath, and PrimeMyBody hemp, plus genetically appropriate supplementation. 

(of course, we're balancing that with the never ending sassiness that comes from 12.  Puberty may kill me)

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Anonymous said...

He’s just doing that “normal” growing up thing Mom! 😍