Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Catch up post

Because I am way behind ...

I've been busy and we've had computer issues, so  between those I haven't been able to post since the Hockey game.  Here's what I have to tell you.

~ Dominic loved that hockey game so much that every day since he has repeatedly said, in the tonation of a query "hockey, soon?".  It got to the point that his teacher wrote down what day the hockey game was in his school planner and he's been checking days off.  We have tickets this weekend. I am seriously considering season tickets next year, he's enjoyed this so much. 

~At the IEP a few months back, we put Dominic into choir to encourage him, because he was always humming along with his movies.  I completely forgot about  it until we got a note home a few days ago saying that his winter concert is the 13th.

let that sink in.

Dominic will be taking part in winter concert.  And yes, he will have a support person.   I don't know what to expect, but I bought him the outfit (black dress pants, white shirt, black shoes) at target the other day, so we're a go!  In related news how is it possible that he is wearing a mens size 8 shoe??????

~ home based Speech therapy continue to be wonderful.  Last night he did the best he's ever done for her identifying the sounds of letters (building block to reading) - he got 16, and his best before that was 12.   Every speech session, at the end, I have to sign Sarah's ipad so that she gets credit for the visit.    At one recent session, she said to Dominic "Take the ipad to your mom so she can sign it", and look what i got handed....

Sarah has a sweet little 6month old and sometimes due to scheduling, she brings him along and i get to play with him while she does therapy. Dominic likes to hang out with him too (and yes i had her permission to share this pic on social media)

~ Thanksgiving was pretty low key. We stayed at home and didn't have company.  The week off from school, tho, made apparent that puberty is here.  The sass out of this child is amazing given that his verbal skills are still pretty low.  We're all working together to provide consistency in environment and routine, and hoping that will help. 

~ speaking of puberty, I think we are nearing the stage where our grocery bill is going to be ridicuous. I bought a costco size package of organic sausages a few weeks ago (so there were 15), and cooked them in the oven. Dominic came home from school and i told him he could have one for a snack before we went out to OT.   I was rushing about and not paying attention (critical error there), and got us out the door, we did OT and we came home and I went to have him eat another ssausage before ST at home... and there were only 8 left.  I checked with Tim. He didn't have any. They weren't accessible by the dogs.  Dominic ate 7 sausages for a snack.   So...

~ Because daddy is now working full time, I'm taking the entire school winter break off work.  That will be the longest vacation I've ever taken, and I'm excited. I am also hoping that said sass and puberty don't make me insane. 

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