Thursday, December 21, 2017

What a Rollercoaster Month...

I know, I know, Its been a few weeks, AGAIN, since I posted. I seem to have lost my oomph for regular blogging and hope to find it again soon. Maybe its under the sofa?

Anywho...  from my phone and facebook, here's whats happened since then...

December 8, we decorated for the holidays. As is our usual tradition, Dominic wrapped himself.

December 9, we went to the annual CC vs DU hockey grudge match game. Dominic had been asking to go since the one we attended in November.  He loved it, and was a bit more rambunctious than the first, so future games are back to a maybe.  He was very concerned with ensuring that his toy hamster, now with all the paint rubbed off it, made it into each photo...

December 13 was the choir concert. Dominic did a GREAT job of standing where he was supposed to the entire time.  He might have sung three or four words.  He didn't need the para who was there for support except for the whole parading on and off the stage thing.  We went out for sushi after to celebrate his first ever school extracurricular activity.  Also, how handsome is he all dressed up :)

At our center based occupational therapy place, Dominic has made a friend.  I took this picture November 7, and it knocked my socks off. We had walked into the clinic and this little boy asked Dominic to play. I was nonplussed.

Since then, I've gotten to know his family and they invited Dominic and I to join them at the zoo's electric safari Tuesday after therapy.  We had a lovely time, and have made plans to get the boys together again.  Dominic is a little older than Kane and they get along beautifully.

We have finally, after waiting something like 6 months and having one false start, landed with a new home based occupational therapist who will see Dominic twice a week.  She and I did a brainstorming session last night and I'm super excited to ramp up with her in 2018.  he made our dinner with her on Monday.  Chicken soup.  It was wonderful and he's going to be cooking something every Monday

Last night we had OT with Miss Alyssa again.  One of my desires is that Dominic have a signature. In order to have a signature, he needs to learn cursive.  Miss Alyssa is the first teacher/therapist/etc who has not winced when I said that. This was Dominic's first exposure (tracing on top of the highlight) and look how well he did.

Do any of my teacher friends have access to the old style cursive learning tools where they have all the arrows showing you how to go?   If so, can you hook me up?

We also talked about the big picture, the things we need to teach Dominic before he can live independently. We decided that one day a week will be a cooking exercise and one day will be a fine motor exercise and we will come up with some sort of rewards chart that lets him earn coins both nights... and he will be able to SPEND those coins on a small toy, or save them for a large one.   We're hoping to get some math organically, but more importantly start money management and the concept of earning / spending.

If you had told me a year ago that Dominic would be going to hockey games, having school choir concerts and cooking me dinner, I wouldn't have believed you.  The progress we've made this year is unparalleled.  I attribute it to the combination of the Ioncleanse by AMD (which we will never do any less than 3x a week), Prime My Body Hemp oil, appropriate genetic supplementation,  and the persistence of an incredible team across the board - from MAPS doc, to regular chiropractor, DO,  ST and OT's ... I am so pleased with the supports we have in place and actually am allowing myself to be excited about what 2018 will bring.

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