Monday, March 26, 2018


We did something Very Cool this weekend. Most of you are aware that Dominic LOVES his disney stories, the characters and is always up for seeing them. One of the ones that he has loved since the first time he saw it is Frozen. We had the opportunity to take him to see Disney's Frozen on Ice this weekend and he adored it. 

At the beginning of the sow, they brought out ALL the characters!!! he nearly lost his mind when Timon and Pumba came out.  He was quite excited about Nemo and Dory, too.

When i went to get him a souvenir mug, they were making rainbow snow cones with them. That was just not going to fly, so I (loudly, because hi, have you met me), asked for a non toxic version. The vendor said they don't have any, so i got one with plain ice. Then i proceeded to have a loud conversation with the other mom in line about how nice it would be if I could get my kid a souvenir without poisoning him.   They gave me a comment card to fill out. HA. Dominic loved his olaf mug and actually quite liked eating plain ice.

Obligatory Family selfie:

My favorite moment was the song Let it Go.  Mind you, its the one song that everyone knows from frozen, and Dominic has loved it for YEARS.  I caught him singing along *on video*. 

The place was loud, there were tiny princesses everywhere, there was chaos, and he did AMAZING

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