Friday, March 2, 2018

On Fading out verbal cues

Also knows as WHAT? IS? HAPPENING??????

So the other day when I shared the video of Dominic making scrambled eggs with significant verbal cues, how I left it was I'd asked his OT how to start fading back the cuing and giving him more independence.

Lasts night was night 2 of Magic socks, and our Liovi dose is up to 2oz.  Nothing else has changed.  The liovi ramp up has been ongoing for a few weeks now.

This morning Daddy had a conference and left the house at 630am.  I had a meeting at 7am and knew that I was going to need to play short order cook while the meeting was going on (Conference calls and working from home, for the win). I hustled through my shower, got the eggs gathered and ducks fed with Dominic and then realized I needed to get on the phone and start multitasking. I asked Dominic to please wash 3 eggs and I'd help him make breakfast in just a few minutes.

I got logged in, prepared for my meeting, which turned out to be next week not this, and my boss asked me a question.  That morphed into about 10 minutes of conversation with my boss and I smelled natural gas. I literally ran into the kitchen to deal with this, thinking i'd find a catastrophe.

Dominic had washed, broken and whisked his eggs.
He had turned on the burner (but not quite all the way, hence the smell) and put oil in the pan
He had poured his eggs into the pan
and they were almost done.

He grabbed a bowl of the granola he made with Ms Alyssa the other day and sat down to eat while i frantically texted Daddy what happened.

They are ridiculously over cooked - but he did them with zero cues

Blown.Away.  We totally just skipped weeks of gently reducing cuing.


Second anecdote of the day (i love it when there's 2).

Dominic has door to door bus service.  Every afternoon he comes up the door and rings the bell and waits for an adult to let him in the house.  He never just opens the door and comes in. IT took a long time to get him to safely maneuver himself off the bus and up the walk so I assumed we were in for another long time to transition to just coming in.


Today I was outside working and i heard the bell ring. By the time I got inside to open the door, he'd already done so. No Big Deal.

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