Thursday, March 1, 2018

Magic Socks

In the Autism community, there's a  phenomenon known as "I'll have what she's having".  What happens is that someone tries something, does well, tells their friends and their friends all try it.  About half of them do well, and half don't. They go tell people accordingly.  Rinse, repeat.

This is how we found the ioncleanse, its how we found Restore, its how we've found PMB... so many things.

I used to TRY THEM ALL, but i'm getting better about listening to my intuition.   When my friend shared about these Magic Socks from VOXX, my gut twanged. I, with almost no researching, signed up for the a wholesale account (yeah, its another mlm) and bought pairs for the whole family.  The gist of it is, there's technology woven into the fabric of the socks and into the ball of the insole that works to bring the brain stem (where we manage pain, autonomic nervous response, etc) into homeostasis. 

They're socks. 

I figured I was likely going to kick myself to spending money on really pricey socks.

They came last night. Dominic and I both wore them all night long and all day today.

First, me.
I get up at 5:30 every morning and get on the treadmill for 45 minutes.  I've done this every day this year.  And every day this year the first 5-8 minutes has been excruciating because my feet are all swollen from retaining water over night. Some days my feet are so swollen my shoes don't fit me. Its a big deal.
Until its not.
Zero swelling and pain this morning.
The other weird thing is that I get a migraine (officially dx'd now too) if my heart rate goes over about 150 exercising and since it usually bounces all over the place I spend the majority of my workouts staring at my heart rate monitor read out to make sure i don't push too hard.  I have gone over 150 every single workout this year.
Until i didn't.
this morning, I didn't break 150 AND i took my treadmill faster than I usually do.

Then Dominic.
Dominic has been under chiropractic care for 7 years.  The doc we see right now is a fellow special needs parent and totally gets us.  Dominic is tricky - he wiggles, and says OW whenever even touched, and hunches his shoulders and is generally pretty loud and uncooperative.  The Liovi and the dimes as motivator have been helpful, but have never gotten us an appointment without the word "ow" said multiple times, or the refusal to be adjusted.

Today I went first, and Dominic hung out in the waiting room playing on my phone. Doc got halfway through me and said "Wow, he's quiet today".  So I told him about the socks.  Then we brought Dominic in and he didn't make a peep the ENTIRE fricking time.  He allowed all the adjustment without a sound. No "Ow", nothing.
Doc was slackjawed.
And I had to ... i asked him if his socks were knocked off.  (I'm such a brat).

Anyway, time will tell how these do for us. At the moment, we're really really impressed.  If you're interested in more info, send me a note and i'll get you connected up (these are apparently really good for things like edema and diabetic neuropathy and chronic pain... ).     If you're local to me, I'll be putting a big order in sometime in the next few weeks and am happy to order a pair or two for you at my cost.

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