Wednesday, May 2, 2018


For a little bit of background, Mondays are our scheduled occupational therapy cooking days for which I prepare a relatively simple recipe, by the ingredients, and get the kitchen ready. Wednesday’s are supposed to be our focus on fine motor where Dominic practices his hand writing turn taking via playing games and etc. This is how our afternoon has gone:

Alyssa our OT came over and asked Dominic if he would like to play game with her. Dominic looked at her and with his funny little accent said “Cook”.

Alyssa asked him what he would like to cook. Dominic responded by saying egg cups. No egg cups require me to actually have purchased some fresh vegetables, and made sure that the ducks had given us enough eggs to make this happen and I literally had made a batch of them last night. So instead i rummaged through the pantry and found some
Gluten free pasta sauce and a cake mix.  They are currently multitasking 


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