Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Math is just not my strong suit.... 44%!!!

So, we've been getting offline contributions to the fundraiser, and I was just subtracting them from the total goal, but today realized that my percentage DIDN'T look right. When I add together my online and my offline totals, we are at... 44% of our total fundraising goal! So I have adjusted the total online goal to make it look like we've hit 44%. Which means i probably did something wrong, because math is not my strong suit, but, PEOPLE - between on and offline donations, we are at 44% of our original goal!  
 This means we are less than $300 away from hitting our halfway point. 
Less than $300 away from paying for a FULL month of therapy for Dominic!  And we still have almost 3 weeks left to fundraise as well as our yard sale!!
We are so incredible blessed with the people we have in our lives, and your generosity.  It may not seem like that is buying a huge amount, but this is helping SO much.

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