Wednesday, August 31, 2011

yeast beast.

So August hasn't been so hot for Dominic behaviorally or speech wise.   We figured we'd give it a few weeks to make sure it wasn't just the transition to half days at Alpine, the move to a new building, the addition of a new therapist, and the schedule shift of adding d11 back.  Its not.  His negative behaviors have gone from 1.1x per 3 hour window to 5.8.  Verbals have dropped 4-50%.  He's been doing his maniacal giggling routine (but his stools don't look yeastie.  Odd)

So yesterday I sent a note to Donna at Unique healing to give her the heads up since we had a meeting scheduled for Friday.  She moved the appt up and we talked today (love the accessibility).

Donna agrees with us that Dominic's having a yeast flare ( with both his pooping frequency being 2-3x per day and his behavior being out of whack (increased stim's, less focus, increased non compliance),

Anyway, she had me write down three possibilities, which we then narrowed based upon stool frequency and form of the poop.
1. Fungal/Bacterial infection
2.  Acidity/Toxicity
3.  Low mB12 levels

We crossed off #3 immediately because he's on 120mg (yes mg, not mcg) of mB12 a day.
We discussed that his stools are solid, and dry - sometimes pellety, so we were able to cross off #2.  If his stools were loose or green, we'd be adding bentonite to absorb more acids.
Which leaves #1.  We are going to trial increasing Colloidal from 3tsp to 8tsp for 48hrs.  If we see no change, we are to go to 12 tsp.  We expect we'll see frequency drop to 1x or less per day, and behaviors come to a screeching halt - which should clear the way for verbals to come back up.  We are to keep doing this 48hr trial followed by an increase if no response.  If we get a response, we stay at that dose for a few days, and then trial dropping it back down to 3.

Now, I know that common sense tells us colloidal behaves like an antibiotic and kills everything in its path.  Donna's take is different, and I think i'm going to have to just take a deep breath and try this, because everything else she's said has happened just like she said it would. So i'm going to just have to trust her.  Per Donna, colloidal is NOT an antibiotic, its antifungal, antibacterial, and anti parasitic.   It does not kill beneficial gut flora.

She also thinks we'll be dealing with recurrent yeast issues probably for a while (afterall, this is what started all the problems, and for Dominic yeast is probably systemic), she thinks maybe a year (can I just say how cool it would be to really have an end point?????).  But that  once we get his gut healed, he'll be able to hold onto the balance.

She wants us to get to the point that we get down to a low or no dose of colloidal (after clearing this flare up), then anytime he has more than 1 stool a day, we add the colloidal immediately to stem off the fungal/bacterial infection.   Which is interesting.

I let her know that we had trial'ed soy a few weeks ago with no reaction, and that we trial'ed pizza WITH reaction.  She pointed out that not only does pizza have wheat and dairy, it also has tomatoes, which are tremendously cleansing (read: acidic, and cause diarrhea).  She encouraged me to make cheese by itself the next thing we try, after we get his yeasties under control.  Since cheese is made w/enzymes its already partially digested, and is an excellent sournce of good fats and calcium.  So cheese is on the horizon

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