Tuesday, September 6, 2011

An update on our fundraising efforts. AKA, we love our community!

  We are at a little over $1200 raised in the online fundraiser and a little over $1400 raised offline from folks who wanted to be able to take a tax write off with a directed donation to Alpine.

Our goal is $4600.

So, we’re having a HUGE yardsale this Saturday.  We put the word out, and all kinds of things have been showing up.  A good portion is things from our own home we either aren’t using or are sacrificing because Dominic needs the therapy more than  we need the item, but there’s a ton of stuff that folks have given us (and new stuff arrives every day)

Its been a tremendous lesson for us in community, and in the support we have from our circles of friends.  So huge huge THANK YOU’s to everyone who has pitched in to the various parts of our fundraising efforts. 

Its also been kind of a hard pill to swallow to  realize how tightly we’re budgeted  and to wonder why some in our lives who seem to have excess are unable to find a few dollars or things to put towards Dominic’s therapy.  And that’s where we have to take a deep breath and offer more gratitude to those who have.  Because you don’t have to.   Dominic’s not entitled to your help – its our job to try to find the way to do this, not yours.   So we remain incredibly grateful for the support.

The difference its going to make is HUGE and hard to communicate, but let me put it this way.  The amount we’ve raised so far means that for the next 10 months, we only have to set aside 75% of what we would have had to otherwise.  That’s our utility bill. Or our grocery bill.  Its significant.  We’re hoping to raise a significant amount more on Saturday.

Here’re the things we have so far accumulated for this sale, and more is coming!

~  DVD’s & WII games
~ Children’s Clothing:  $1 a piece or 6 pieces for $5 (Sizes newborn thru 8  both boys and Girls. Includes party dresses, School uniforms, shoes)
~ Adult Clothing:  $2 a piece or 3 pieces for $5 Womens clothes sizes XS-XL, some Maternity
~ Massage Table
~ Large kids toys, High Chairs, Easel/Chalkboard
~ Misc Kitchen and household items
~ InStep 2 child Bike Trailer
~ Electric Acoustic Guitar, travel case
~ Electric Guitar, travel case, cables, amp
~ Electric lift chair for the disabled - $500 ($1200 new)
~ Boxes of Wooden Thomas the Train Track stuff
~ Large Furniture: Matching Coffee and End tables, sofa, desk, dresser
~ New in Package: Pfaltzgraf Dinner Ware set, serving stuff
~ Working lawnmower
~KnickNacks and Framed Art

We’ve also got some fun stuff.  Baby Cotton Bottoms is offering customers 10% 20% of what they spend on Saturday in store credit at BCB.  Joan over at Health and Wisdom is giving 20% off a magnesium or mica purchase to everyone who buys something at the sale.   And we’ve got 2 beautifully handmade baby blankets that we’re going to do a drawing for (cash donation of any amount = a drawing entry.  Also every $25 spent on the yardsale = a drawing entry). 

I’ve got a babysitter lined up for Dominic, and a handful of friends who will be extra hands over the course of the day, and we’re going to go for it!

My to do list: 
Solicit donations:  Check
Sort and price:  Everything we’ve gotten so far is done, more being done as it comes in
Advertise:  Craigslist, check. Thrifty Nickel, Check. Signs for the street, Check.  Facebook and email, Check.
Diagram layout of sale: check
Make posters: pending
Put up signs down the street:  Will do Friday

No, no, I am not obsessive compulsive. It’s the project manager in me. ;).  I LIKE LISTS!

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Dani said...

I thought about it, and 10% is dumb. Make it 20%. So for every dollar you spend at this yard sale, you get twenty cents in store credit at Baby Cotton Bottoms. Just tell whoever you pay at the sale that you're a BCB customer and they will give you a card to bring to the store with your credit. :)