Wednesday, April 22, 2015

$3.2 Million / Light it up TRUE April 22

... .and do you know who is going to pay for the majority of that?  Tax payers.   Disabled adults are given a social security disability check every month.  Its not enough to live off of, but its guaranteed to them from the government if they are defined as unable to work due to their disability.

think about that.

Think about the number of disabled adults who are going to break the system?

Where will the money come from?  Will it run out?  What happens when it runs out?  Private insurance won't cover adult children after age 25 - so they will have to go on Medicaid.  they can, because they're disabled.   Again with the taxes paying for them.

What happens in 2050 when, potentially, disabled, non-taxpaying adults outnumber taxpayers?

We are not ready.

If you are still lighting it up blue and pushing acceptance, you need to look at long term projections.  And act.

Stop buying GMO;s.
Insist that companies use natural colorings instead of artificial.  Better yet, stop buying processed food and cook from scratch. Its not rocket science.
Overthrow the CDC and Monstanto
Stop vaccinating.
Stop giving your family Tylenol - its horrible.

Insist that your legislator be informed about GMO's and the fraud ridden relationship between the CDC and pharmaceutical industry.  Get them to do something about it.

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