Friday, April 24, 2015

Epilepsy / Light it up TRUE April 24

When we were getting ABA therapy, one of the things we suspected was that Dominic was having absence seizures.  We tried to pin them down, but the eeg that the Neurologist had us do was only 20 minutes.  In hindsight, I wish we had demanded a 24 hour eeg.

We have seen what we believe is an absence seizure as recently as about a year ago, when Dominic had a stomach bug.  He totally zoned out - we couldn't get his attention, his eyes went fixed point.  Then he threw up.

So I still think we have seizures.  They just aren't formally diagnosed.  that makes me want to work even harder to clear Dominic's system out with the IonCleanse by AMD foothbaths and to support his specific genetic mutations.  I believe we can avoid the seizures getting worse if we mitigate the toxins that are built up in his system.

When he hits puberty, Dominic has a 25% chance of developing full blown epilepsy.  that many boys with autism develop seizures at puberty.   Seizures can be deadly.  I get so angry when I read bloggers who talk about their child's epilepsy as just another feature of autism, a miswiring.   Seizures are a true medical event - they are not a personality quirk.

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