Sunday, April 12, 2015

The sicker they are.... the sicker they are / Light it up True April 12

Basically - the more severely autistic a child is, the sicker they are.  And the sicker a child is, the more autistic they are.

Even at the Very First DAN appointment so long ago, we were talking about how overly toxic Dominic's system was.  I remember vividly the nutritionist stopping the Doctor, pointing to Dominic who was draped over a footstool and saying "Doctor, he's posturing!"  He had a bloated belly, and sunken eyes.  He wasn't sleeping well.  He was in a cloud and we couldn't reach him.  It was awful.  His ATEC was in the 90's.

I knew way back then that he was sick...  But I didn't know until we did the CD protocol how many pathogens he actually had to fight. It was the CD protocol that knocked back all those layers and now the IonCleanse by AMD footbath has created the detox pathway he never had, so we can start addressing his actual core issues.

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