Friday, May 22, 2015

cuteness abounds

(editors note, I'm rerunning favorite posts while i'm at Autism One This year)

As I was peeling potatoes to cook for dinner last night, Dominic caught sight of several miller moths fluttering in my kitchen window.

To set the stage, the window is behind the sink, and on the window ledge are dish soap, a plant, my bacon grease jar, a misc. jar, and some small tubes Rod uses to brew.

So Dominic sees the moths, leaps up on the counter top and sticks his hand up under the mini blinds to catch a moth.  He gets the first one, jumps down, puts it in his bug container, and jumps back up for another one.  He manages to knock the lid off my  grease jar (don't ask how, i don't know) and the next thing I know, a moth has landed in the grease.  He fishes the now struggling moth out of the grease and jumps down. He then proceeds to wrap the moth up in a kitchen tpwel and wipe it off.  He was so dejected when the moth appeared to be dead.  He looked up at me and said "trash" with a sad face.

After he deposited it in the trash he jumped up to catch the next one.

Seriously, the end of moth season cannot come soon enough.


We have the best dog on the planet.  Dominic put a bandaid on him for no apparent reason this morning, and not only did Shanti leave it there all day, he curled up and snuggled with Dominic for a good while earlier today:

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