Saturday, July 25, 2015

And the Plan Evolves!

This blog post is more for my own record keeping than anything else...

Today was our followup naturopathic appointment with Dr Kara.  I love that because of technology, we didn't have to get up early and drive 2 hours to do it in person, we did it over facetime, while sitting in bed with the dogs.  It was fantastic.

To recap, we started working with Pathways in March,  at which time we took a hard look at Dominic's genetics and mapped out a plan that would specifically encourage speech since that is the last hurdle in front of us.  That plan was to stabilize the basic genetic mutations by adding specific mineral supports, liver and GI support, a b-complex that doesn't have methylated b in it (on purpose because he cannot handle the mB12 until the pathways are more open), and magnesium.  In early May, we had an awesome team consult and added SAM-E.  We did the homeopathic remedy Dr Kara identified in June.  Then I added Restore in July.  I have been able to entirely remove all antifungals from our regime for the first time EVER.   This is so exciting!!  We also have been phasing off the dyspraxia protocol as I run out of stuff.  I'm just not buying more and if he crashes verbally we will restart it.

So today I had 3 specific things to discuss (and yes I made a list)
1.  Do we repeat the homeopathic remedy or is it still working
2.  Can we go ahead and start the PEAPure 
3.  Is it appropriate to run a food allergy test at this point.

 And... the answers were We don't think so, but Dr Kara will think on it for a few days,  yes, and yes. :)

We also are starting l-glutathione after we ramp up on peapure.

We discussed adrenal fatigue. None of the adrenal supps we've been on have managed it (it being the dilated pupils in the evenings indicating adrenal fatigue).  MitoSynergy's proper copper does help the dilated eyes but has additives Dominic goes bonkers on.  I have been in discussions with the CEO of MitoSynergy about options and we'll see what comes of it.   Dr Kara said we can wait and heal his body and the adrenals will improve or we can consider a castor oil pack on his liver (should put the body into rest and digest mode) 3 days on, 1 off for a while.  I suspect that the only way he would tolerate the castor oil pack is in how she described as the cheaters method - which is to rub it on his liver right before his bath.

We also talked about whats called the warrior gene.  That's the genetic mutation of MAO.  Which he has.  He doesn't seem to be in the aggression phase of that genetic mutation, so we will just know that its there and could raise its head particularly at puberty. 
I asked when would be the appropriate time to switch him ot methlyated B vitamins, and what Dr Kara told me is that the rule of thumb is that we give 6 months to stabilizing the base things (minerals minerals minerals) then we add the methylated B's.  So we're looking at October ish.  This fascinates me because way back in our DAN days, mB12 shots were the first thing that the doctor did.  ANd they really did nothing for us.  I'm starting to really believe that the ORDER in which we are doing things is so much more important that I ever realized.  And i've been preaching order of execution for a lot of years.

We are continuing the IonCleanse by AMD footbaths 4x a week as well.  I believe they are the most critical component to our process - they are the basement and foundation - the detoxification pathway without which we would never have made this much progress because the bricks would've fallen down.

I'm going to be very interested to see what the food allergy test shows.  :)

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