Monday, August 28, 2017

Back from USAAA

What a great conference!! I joined with a few other moms and represented Ioncleanse by AMD this weekend in Portland, Oregon to share the progress our kids have made with the footbaths. Its been a few months since the last one of these I did and I really have to say that USAAA is rapidly becoming my favorite conference to attend.

The reason is simple - its in a different city each year so there are almost no repeat attendees.  There are no cliques, no mean girl clubs, no leaving anyone out of anything - and everyone is truely there to learn. It was wonderful.

I came back  both absolutely exhausted (multiple 11+ hour days) and reenergized to share our story. My most powerful tool is the story of Dominic recovering, and I was reminded of that again this weekend.  There's something indescribable about sharing the experience of autism recovery with a mom who has no hope and giving that hope to her.

 I did actually end up telling our story to multiple non-conference peoplle - from the Uber driver who ran me to Target to get more paper towels because we didn't bring enough (he has 2 on the spectrum) to the Lady sitting next to nme on the plane.  Everyone is affected by autism these days. If you aren't sure who affects you, look again - I guarnatee there's someone.

So I'm back, I'm energized and life is good. :)

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