Saturday, August 19, 2017

Slinky,mommy, slinky.

History lesson:

YEARS ago - we cant' remember how many, but he was little enough to be sitting in the cart at Lowes, we took Dominic to Lowes and while we were there he fixated on those little plastic spiral bracelets that look somewhat like slinkies.  He got a couple that night.   He has not mentioned or played with them since.

We are currently fixing up our laundry room - there's been a perpetual leak in the foundation so we've taken everything out (the garage is now brimming), stripped it down to the foundation and will be laying tar tonight.  As such we've had some Lowes purchases of late.

Today we went to Lowes for the miscellaneous stuff for this project after we went out for dinner.  When we mentioned on the way to dinner that we were going to Lowes, Dominic started asking for a slinky.  Huh. okay.

We had dinner at our favorite sushi joint, and then went over to Lowes. Dominic was still talking about slinkies and I looked at Rod and said "you don't think he means those bracelets, do you"  Rod didn't think so.

We get our stuff, go to checkout, pay and the next thing i know, Dominic has handed this to the cashier.

This child has a phenomenal memory and as the neurological connections are coming back, amazing things are happening.  go #primemybodyHEMP and #ioncleansebyamd - amazing combination. 

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