Tuesday, August 29, 2017

GMO's, eating organic, and CSA to the RESCUE!

One of the things we learned this summer from Dr McGowin's genetic interprations of Dominic's 23andMe is that his entire PON1 pathway has multiple mutations.  Thats the pathway that is responsible for detoxifying out pesticides from the body.  Well - that just explained why the IonCleanse by AMD was our first gamechanger.  He can't detox without it.  I've been saying for years that the Autism Epidemic is a case where genes load the gun and the environment pulls the trigger.  Food is one of the biggest ways we get exposed to toxins (its right up there with Air and Water).

What it means is that we do our LEVEL best to buy as much organic as we can grocery wise.  With a 12 year old who out eats both of us on a regular basis, this is a financial challenge and my mama friends assure me my grocery bill will actually double in the next few years as he hits the teenage years harder.  FABULOUS. 

There's more and more research out there indicating that genetically modified food is very bad for us, and that the toxins in conventional food is making us sick.  So...Enter Grant Family Farms CSA.  We've been members a little over a year now and its wonderful.  They are non-gmo and organic.  During the summer its 100% local fruits, vegetables, meat, coffee, eggs, tofu/tempeh, and cheeses (and you can select your choice of those, you don't have to order them all).  The CSA has pulled together farmers from across Colorado and southern Wyoming and is a partnership of sorts - each farmer specializes in something and everyone reaps the bonus (I type this as I am eating the most amazingly juicy organic palisade peaches...).  They drop off to multiple locations along the front range (even into Wyoming) and it takes less time than going to the grocery store.  During the winter they reach out to farmers in southern states (never out of the US) and bring in fresh from the farm organic non gmo'd goodies that way as well as greens and potatoes and the like that are local.

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