Wednesday, September 6, 2017

He totally lied...

Back Story - we have a roommate right now and our upstairs shower is somehow leaking and so said roommate is showering downstairs until we can get to leak hunting. Roommate's name is Tim, and Dominic calls him Timmy.  Tim usually showers right after Dominic because he works a very early shift and has to leave the house at 5am.

Last night, Dominic had speech therapy late in the evening and so I fed him dinner first.  He knew he got to put the ducks to bed after speech and then he was going to go take a shower. 
With his speech therapist still here,  I told Dominic it was time to put the ducks to bed and take a shower.  He said "Timmy shower" Which i took to mean that Tim was in the shower and Dominic had to wait a bit.

Until Tim stuck his head out of the kitchen and said "Nope, i'm not in the shower"

And all three adults in the room realized that Dominic had totally just lied in an attempt to delay bedtime. Verbally.  With his words.

Only in the non-verbal world of super literal autism does this sort of thing excite a parent.  I absolutely attribute this to the combination of Ioncleanse by AMD footbaths and PrimeMyBody hemp.  The combination seems to be pretty critical.

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