Sunday, September 10, 2017

Mommy, blanket....

History lesson:  Last winter we had a horrible wind storm that knocked power out for close to 30 hours.  in JANUARY.  This meant we got all the blankets out and cuddled, took sink baths, and stocked up on lanterns.

Its September.  I ran the AC most of the day today because it was Warm.

Dominic was in the shower, and I was putting things away in the laundry room, when the power flickered and then went all the way out.   It didn't come back right away, so i grabbed the lantern (we keep them in convenient locations thanks to last January....) and told him to shower in the lantern light.  He had zero issues doing it.

He got out, got dressed, brushed his teeth, and then came in to me and said, enthusiastically "Mommy, Blanket?".  I said Okay and followed him out to the living room where he proceeded to take the sofa blankets off the couch and to his room.  And put them on his bed.

He remembered that we got extra blankets and put them on the beds last time this happened.    and he used his words to make sure he got his blankets again.  He's going to be all sweaty tomorrow....

(and power came back roughly half an hour after it went out. Our entire neighborhood was dark)


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