Thursday, September 21, 2017

immediate generalization, wow

Tonight at OT, when we walked in a little boy looked at Dominic and said "Whats up, Dude".  To which Dominic replied with his own "whats up".  It was a glimpse into teenagerhood.


Jonny and Dominic are working on turn taking in a play setting.  So there's another kiddo/therapist pair that they do this with and tonight they focused on Dominic telling the other kid it was his turn.   Jonny had to verbal prompt at the beginning and by the end Dominic was doing it spontaneously.

Then we rushed home for Speech.

Sarah said to me  "he did the strangest thing, he had me repeat what he told me"

Nice to see the carryover, and wow.  The little things that i've celebrated for so long are now coming so hard and fast...

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