Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Why is it working now?

So all of the things we have been doing "new" lately are things we've tried before unsuccessfully.  Why are the working now?

and what exactly are we doing?

We have spent 2 1/2 years clearing pathogens using the CD protocol.  It is based on the theory that pathogens are responsible for our childrens lack of xyz and therefore instead of supplementing xyz (the DAN protocol), we oxidize the pathogens.  CD is the one protocol that has made the most sustainable difference for Dominic and we will keep it in our backpocket forever.  Both Rod and I have done it on ourselves as well.  Gotta heal the family!

We started using an iMRS mat for an hour a day, every day.  We've been doing this since June.  Among other things, iMRS reduces inflammation. 

We've gotten out some viruses.  In January, we got viral die off in PV doing HBOT.  Dominic did Chicken Pox the old fashioned way in June, which activated his immune system.  Then 2 weeks ago we got more viral die off as a result of the Young Living Essential Oils Raindrop session we did at Pathways in Denver.

So now we are BACK to trying some things we've done before without much progress

Speech and Occupational therapies 2x a week at The Shandy Clinic.  Dominic loves his therapists and i believe is getting something out of it this time.

A targeted, specific fats, dyspraxia protocol (we used SPEAK before, and hated it, so mixing our own this time)

And, daily Young Living essential oils.   Frankincense and myrtle on his toes before bed, and we are about to start MindWise.

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