Saturday, April 25, 2015

Alpine 5k

Today we walked in the Alpine autism center 5K run for the one walk. This year was dedicated to my friends son who died in February, without whom Alpine probably wouldn't exist. There was no stuffed  armadillo this year, but Dominic did get to see several other costumed adults. He particularly enjoyed giving Wolverine a high-five. We took Shanti with us this year like we always have and he did great.   Kama is recovering from his neuter appointment so was not taken along.

here are posts from previous years, so you can compare.  Dominic is growing like a WEED

 In no particular order here are some pictures from the day
Family after picture

Mom and dad after picture

I think he was looking at a helicopter in the sky here but I'm not certain.

Sunglasses are cool, Yo

Every year we do this

This is one of our favorite people. She brought her family along with her to walk with us and it was delightful.

And this is one of my friends who came down from Denver to walk with her family, we know each other online as she's been one of the footbath study participants. She's got two little boys and they're doing fantastic with the ioncleanse by amd protocol.

Dominic ran the kids race team finished in the first third of the pack. He was awfully proud of his finishing medal 

And this was our family before walk picture.

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